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El Tayseer Group

Al Tayseer Group provides the best and finest raw materials from the best types of plastic manufactured with the best and latest equipment
under the supervision of skilled workers with high experience and training in the latest currency under the hands of experts from abroad to ensure the best quality of the best raw materials at a suitable price to suit all types and satisfy all markets

Why to choose our products?!

We looked at all the benefits and improvements we offer to our customers

Best choice for your products.

Because we provide the best raw materials and we work on the manufacture of the latest equipment and high levels of quality and excellence

Save your money with best cost.

Where we provide the best raw materials to suit all the markets at a competitive price and we work to stimulate the products required the best quality in record time to keep our products always new in the market

All of our products are recyclable.

The versatility of our products lies in the fact that they can be recycled more than once because of our choice of the best raw materials for our products

Our products are safe for the environment

Our factories operate according to all legal standards that preserve the beauty of the country and the health of its citizens. We work to reduce the waste generated by the factories by using them and recycling them for use in another way.

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White Buckets Products

White Buckets Products

Non-thermal plastic, a non-heat-resistant material that can not be reconstituted, such as phenol resins, used in the manufacture of plastic used in electrical wire packaging.
A bucket is usually a fluid carrier, conical, exposed and flat bottom, attached to a semi-circular carrying handle called bail, white, available, cheap, and recyclable. , No leakage of any liquid, solid bearing pressure, heat and abrasives, easy to store, insulated to prevent leakage of heat into the liquid or leak the heat of the liquid itself, insulating material, corrosion, corrosion.


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